No​​-​​Fi: Headphone Time - Volume IV

by Matthew Colin

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This is a follow up to the previous volumes of "No-Fi: Headphone Time". Just a continuation of the basic principle of sharing a song. Get a space, and a guitar, hit record, play, and share.

Again, the continued disclaimer, some of you wont like this at all, as the name 'No-Fi' suggests, it's pretty shitty, but there's a certain charm to the memos that I hope gets through to some people. I have always loved records of b-sides, demos, and out takes, but bands don't usually release those until their studio records become cult classics.

The idea behind this series of EPs is to offer you something completely raw, simple, with no tricks or post-production, just the songs. Something straight from the me to your ears, just put your headphones on and sink into a song or two. I want this to be a portal into my space, it's not meant to be impressive, I just want to connect with you in a really personal way through the tunes I've been writing.


released December 24, 2015

All songs written, performed, and recorded on iPhone by Matthew Colin


all rights reserved



Matthew Colin Castlemaine, Australia

Matthew Colin brings with him the values of histories great ramblers, 'a song and a friend for every mile behind'. It'll only take listening to one or two lines and you will find a writer of considered craft, carrying values nested in a time of country folk music where all that mattered was the song itself. ... more

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Track Name: Running Wheel
Even when the sun get's down
He keeps right along shining
Maybe I'm a forever blue moon
But baby I'm trying
Lonesome with the bar room blues
I'm cracked a little
And sinking too soon

Subtle as the seasons change
You get swept up in the motions
So many times your heart can re-arrange
Into an emotionless notion
Lonesome as a springtime fool
I'm dried and withered
And failing to bloom

As the music and the misery unwind
You can't count on city stars to shine
Was your lovin ever part of the deal
Or just running in the wheel
Someday, someday soon
I'm gonna find another way to feel

Well I could never, I could never quit you cold
So go on and sneak out in the night when I'm not home
Track Name: Trigger
Honey i'll come round and pull your trigger
I'll be mountain air that's clear and free to find
Aint no trouble in your timing getting quicker
It's a fool who waits with winter on the mind

These fingers dance across your silver moonlight
My lips have kissed the beckon of your call
Your body sways in tides of swell and hunger
No man has felt a better kind of fall

I will tumble down between your knees of mercy
And pray in tongues at heavens holy door
All your peaks and valleys that were born to tremble
Will crash upon the oceans mighty shore

Now baby let me show you all that's mystery
No liars hand should hold a beauty down
Beggars hold their cups and ransom kisses
I wont take no crumbs the day you come to town
Track Name: Vacilando
I was wondering in the streets
Through my old town home
Kept fallin in on heart ache
For the black bottomless road
Where the tar and gravel run
You can shiver in your soul
But if I was better of for stickin round
It's best you never know

I bathe in more than just one house
Slept on too many a street
There aint no quota here to living friend
You learn a smiles more than teeth
I been some long years waking up
My bones are itchin now again
Whether wind or rope or feather
Take a step when you begin

Now I'll be mournin in the mornin
When the lonesome starts to set
But you understand it's just that I got
Goin left to get
One more drink or smoke or joke
Then Rosalie and I must roll
Just unsettled as the dust dear
Whenever new in town gets old

And I'm sorry babe
You know I just can't stay
I gotta hold my truth
The only way I know
In the spirit of the great Vacilando

And I've got Old Pancake in the pocket
Of this great western denim
My brow tucked neatly underneath
A sturdy Havstad brim
These old leather boots and I
Maybe a million miles seen
But my love's still coming up
With some place else to be
Track Name: Town Like You
Grey sky days, winter cold sways
Got a hold of my feet, slammin on the brakes
What's a town like you doin with a man like me

Lovin your face, but some folks are strange
Draggin down people when it aint your place
What's a town like you doin with a man like me

Be petty, compete, how do you sleep?
Nothin's gonna improve with your shit in my shoes
What's a town like you doin with a man like me

Slow heart winds, a whisper in time
Missin the mountains, the cedar and pine
What's a town like you doin with a man like me

And I'm a fast friend, some are gun to the head
But I got warm arms honey, what are the harms
What's a town like you doin with a man like me

Just wanna get along, sing and a strum
For ears with a heart, but you tear me up inside
What's a town like you doin with a man like me

And I'm a fast friend, some are gun to the head
But I got warm arms honey, what are the harms
What's a town like you doin with a man like me

Keep on track son, gotta look back
Master plan, man, move when you can
What's a town like you doin with a man like me

Livin's in the the givin, and the getting aint the bet
And if lovin's all you've got to loose
Poor some down into your blues
And carry on the things that'll keep you free
What's a town like you doin with a man like me

Carry on the things that'll keep you free
Sometimes you're the axe and I'm trying to be the seed
What's a town like you doin with a man like me
Track Name: Delicate Flame
Stayed away a couple days too long
Woke up with a changing wind
It blew me around a while
Tested my sails
Carried me a note or two
And then changed her tune

Maybe could have been a better song
But the ending came through
Spun me around a while
Wrung out my love
Danced on my lonliness
And I danced on it with you too

Drag my string if you want babe
I'm not shy around the dirt
To the cracks in the skin
Rub it in some
I'll be the one counting on what it's worth
All this hurt

If yesterday was still coming round tomorrow
Ah well she'd teach me the same one
Hold my hand a while
Then I loose again
But I'll be what was lost
Just Stayed away a couple days too long.

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