Cabin Demos

by Matthew Colin

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radiofan I saw Matthew live a couple of times and had to buy his album: he's unique. He has an unassuming ability to draw the listener in and take them along for a slow-burning ride. Lucky me.
Conrad Aikin
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Conrad Aikin Thanks Matthew. Another beauty.
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released November 7, 2017


all rights reserved



Matthew Colin Castlemaine, Australia

Matthew Colin brings with him the values of histories great ramblers, 'a song and a friend for every mile behind'. It'll only take listening to one or two lines and you will find a writer of considered craft, carrying values nested in a time of country folk music where all that mattered was the song itself. ... more

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Track Name: Coyote
I got the DIrty Kid
Takin my passenger side
Cruisin mountain highways
Behind Canadian lines
Passin freight-liners whining
Up them switchback routes
Lookin for a litte somethin
That I do believe we found

I'll take another cup of joe
Keep those train beats runnin
Keep the pickin up the pace
And the melodies are hummin
I got the good-bye blues behind me
And the warm hello still comin
I'll be back this way again
But honey I won't be rushin

All the greats sing through my radio
The sun she's shinin overtime
Visions of the home I left
Are slippin quickly from my mind
The kid and I have dyin days
Make the memories shine like gold
Till the song is sung
And the story tellin is told

Friends you pick up on the way
Will help you drink those dollars dry
When You're pockets empty son
Just pull some love down from the sky
And if it's road to nowheresville
We'll roll on anyhow
I used to be a coyote
But I think I'm alright Noooooooowwwwwwww

Beer and whiskey through the night
Behind the wheel all day
Surely a man ain't got too long
Keeping on this way
While the good times are good gettin
Lord tha's where I'm gonna stay
In the cradle of the mountain
Rollin down the song highway
Track Name: Delicate Flame
Stayed away a couple days too long
Woke up with the changing wind
Blew me around while
Tested my sails
Carried me a note or two
And then changed her tune

Maybe could have been a better song
Ah, but the ending came through
Spun me around a while
Wrung out my love
Danced on my loneliness
And I danced on it with you

Drag my string if you want babe
I’m not shy around the dirt
To the cracks in the skin
Rub it in some
And I’ll be the one counting on what it’s worth
All this hurt

And if yesterday was still comin round tomorrow
Ah well she’d teach me the same one
She’d hold my hand a while
Then I’d lose again
But I’ll be what was lost
I just stayed away
A couple days
Too long
Track Name: Hard Rhyme
Passing fast and heavy on your mind
It's hard to shake the losing hand of time
Days burn out, and end up glowing in the night
And the constant revolution rages
You and me got the same old changes
Behind the bottle and on the band room stages
Where the love is real

There's a living somewhere that you gotta find
No steady path between the falling or the climb
The wind knows you're only dust
And keeps blowing all the while
But push on friends your light is only fading
You and me got the same old changes
It's in your arms and on your close up faces
Where your love is real

And it's a long…. it’s a long hard rhyme, most of the time.
Somehow worth the fight.

I got a disposition towards pissin on my fire
Hope sparks a little, tries to kindle some desire
But I'm a foolish heavy soul, dreams still dancin in my eyes
Just another slow train rolling off the rails
You and me got the same old changes
I'll be here when you run out of places
Where your love is real
Track Name: Ain't Nobody
Ain’t nobody gonna write my story down
When I’m gone when I’m buried in the ground
I’ll be a mystery on the wind
No-one will know who I truly is
No there ain’t nobody gonna write my story down

Already I’m a lone traveller on a filthy trail
Pretty soon everybody here will forget that I came
Probably half of them don’t even know my name
And the other half well they don’t look you in the face

When you only go one love in a selfish heart
Well the falling is too easy but the flying’s always hard
The song took my chances when my hands held this guitar
Now i’m in too deep, don’t want a way back to the start

I’ve been a cook, a cleaner, a carpenter, and a thief
You may never know the trouble I have seen
I’ve been a loner, a lover, a liar, and a friend
But only one thing is certain, when it all crumbles to an end
Track Name: Nuisance
Close your eyes darlin
Pretend that I’m someone
That your heart still belongs to

If we’re ever gonna make it
Maybe you can try to fake it
See where that get’s us to

But what a nuisance is this love without a lover
And what good is my heart?

Close your eyes darlin
Pretend that I’m someone
That your heart still belongs to

We were never going to make it
But we still tried to fake it
Look where that led us to
You’re not with me I’m not with you
I never claimed, our love was true
Track Name: Trigger
Honey i'll come round and pull your trigger
I'll be mountain air that's clear and free to find
Aint no trouble in your timing getting quicker
It's a fool who waits with winter on the mind

These fingers dance across your silver moonlight
My lips have kissed the beckon of your call
Your body sways in tides of swell and hunger
No man has felt a better kind of fall

I will tumble down between your knees of mercy
And pray in tongues at heaven’s holy door
All your peaks and valleys that were born to tremble
Will crash upon the ocean’s mighty shore

Now baby let me show you all that's mystery
No liars hand should hold a beauty down
Beggars hold their cups and ransom kisses
I won’t take no crumbs the day you come to town
Track Name: Young Ambition
Ninety-nine percent of the men in this room
Want to lay their heads on a bed next to you
Oh and you hold them all believers
But they don’t know your secret
And it’s better if you keep it

Because the mystery is all you need
But your eyes tell me something
Your love’s never seen
And you stare at this hole
Where your heart used to be
Waitin on a ghost

Young ambition is scolding fire
You best be careful what you get close to child
And I’m not the only one who can feel you from a distance
And I can tell because I’ve seen this
That it’s better to burn to keep them warm
Than just for the sake of your own flame

And your tongue is so sweet
But you’re a bruised and bitter fruit
There’s a lot a wasted curiosity
Around you

Where the mystery is all you need
But your eyes tell me something
Your love’s never seen
And you stare at this hole
Where your heart used to be
Waitin on a ghost

You’re just waitin
For a bus that will never come
Waitin on a ghost

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